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Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce) solutions

by Rob Swift 23. October 2011 12:08

Mobile Commerce, also known as M-Commerce or mCommerce, is the ability to conduct commerce using a mobile device, such as a mobile phone, a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), a smartphone, or other emerging mobile equipment such as tablets.

Mobile Commerce has been defined as follows:

"Mobile Commerce is any transaction, involving the transfer of ownership or rights to use goods and services, which is initiated and/or completed by using mobile access to computer-mediated networks with the help of an electronic device".

We have now the ability to design such applications for your business. This could range from providing a shop front for your business to allow clients to order via phones. To the more complex CRM solutions to keep your clients informed of all aspects of your business.

As smartphones become more powerful and accessible, plus as they become more integrated in to your business, it is important that you start to use this powerful tool to allow more client’s to access your business.

Please contact us for more information. 


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